It’s a day to honor some of the women who have helped give me spiritual life. I almost didn’t do this post because I didn’t know where I would start or stop and I was sure I would miss someone. So instead of trying to mention every woman, I will mention only a few and keep it short and sweet.

My mom, Dianne. Being my actual mom and taking care of me my whole childhood would be enough, but she is also the first person to teach me to be open minded… which is rather a key part of who I am.

My friend and pastor, Jessi. She has paved a sort of path for me- particularly in being a woman gifted for leadership and living that out. We are opposites in numerous ways but enjoy a deep friendship. She teaches me that being me doesn’t make me a ‘bad woman’.

My friend Betsy, who was one of my youth leaders before I was old enough to call myself her friend. She taught me about hospitality, availability, and tea. She was my ally in regards to my high school boy issues… like a big sister.

My friend Faith, who was my touch of ‘home’ while I was at YWAM. She treated me to strawberry limeades too numerous to count and regularly helped me escape the base.

Numerous authors and speakers have influenced me, especially Rachel Held Evans, who often feels like an older and more famous… and sightly more liberal, twin; as well as Dr Sarah Sumner, who helped me come to more clarity with what the Bible has to say about women in leadership.

As I said, there are numerous other women- former teachers, youth leaders, a particular therapist, church ladies, fellow YWAMERS, my mother-in-law, aunts, grandmas, and dear friends and sisters- younger and older- who have nurtured me in various ways. Who loved me and accepted me, who gave me hugs and told me I wasn’t alone. I love you all.

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