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Like pretty much everyone, I grew up with assumptions and a worldview. It’s inevitable, and it’s all well and good. That’s part of being a kid and growing up in this world. You are influenced by the community, culture, and people in your life.

So I’ve had assumptions (beliefs) about God, about politics, about the Bible, about sexuality, about morals, about gender, about culture, about my country, and about the future… among other things.

If part of being a kid is learning a worldview, then I think part of being an adult is learning to re-assess a worldview. It’s about being able to identify why you hold that worldview with out the only answer being ‘I inherited it’.

So, for me, being a girl who feels particularly called to question and re-assess, I do a great deal of this. At any given time there seems to be an issue or two (or ten) that I’m particularly pondering, studying, and praying about (if I’m wise anyways). I like to say I’m ‘in process’ on such issues. 

When I say this I don’t JUST mean that I’m re-evaluating my beliefs. I also mean that I’m re-evaluating how my beliefs should be worked out in real life. I’m re-thinking if I need to ever nail down my opinion ‘for sure’. I’m re-assessing how important the issue is… because, honestly, some issues matter more than others. Certain issues affect people in a very practical, life altering way (for example- women in ministry or homosexuality), and others, while still meaningful and likely to affect our attitude toward life and God, don’t have quite the same life altering kick (think, atonement theory or the end times).

Being ‘in process’ allows us to:
1. Admit we have something to learn and be open to learning it..
2. Believe we may be wrong about something… yes, this is a good thing.
3. Recognize that other people have differing beliefs for reasons more complicated than that ‘they arbitrarily decided they want to throw out God and create their own truth.’
4. Move forward with more understanding about the ‘issue’, whether your view has been altered or not.

So, In the coming days… or weeks… or months (my pregnancy doesn’t have a positive affect on my thinking/writing process) I will hit on some of the issues I’ve been processing. First up will be homosexuality, which is one of the most polarized and hot-topic issues right now anyways. Then I’ll probably hit the whole creation debate. We shall see where it goes.

What are some issues you have ‘been in process on’- now or past?