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Easter has become more and more special to me over the years.
When I was a kid I understood the story. Jesus died and rose again to save us. Hey, cool miracle, right? But not something that caused me to well up inside and bring tears to my eyes.

Somehow, as I got older, I’ve become more aware of just how beautiful… and subversive… the resurrection is.
It’s about victory and new creation and reunion and healing and wholeness- through the most unexpected means.
And the more aware you are of how broken and tragic this world is, the greater joy you get from the promise of that healing.
That is why Easter means more to me as an adult.
Because I know more of what Friday feels like.
I feel more of my own brokenness now.
I’ve seen the sting of death.
So when we stand in church singing of the victory of Christ over sin and death, my heart can barely contain itself.
And when I hear of new creation and healing, I can know it has already begun.
Resurrection didn’t just happen once.
It IS happening.
His Kingdom is planted and it will continue to expand.

Yeah, words just don’t do it.
Music and movies speak it better. 🙂