On the surface, you might not think my dad and I are very similar. Neither would I at first glance… And yet, when I really look at it, I see that I reflect my dad in more ways than not.

So, In honor of Father’s Day, and in honor of my Dad, here are some wonderful things I got from my Dad, in no particular order:

My interest in foreign missions. This goes back in my dad’s family to at least his parents, possibly farther. Missions was a regular theme in our family life and I was encouraged to go on trips when I was old enough.

My sense of adventure. A dad who takes adventures will encourage his daughter to do the same. At least mine did. This instilled much excitement in me about new things, and minimized fear.

My enjoyment of things wine related. Because having your dad turn the basement into a winery was a pretty cool thing for a conservative kid like me.

My love of coffee. This doesn’t need much explaining. Growing up, I knew the smell of coffee long before I knew it’s taste. I really didn’t care all that much for coffee until I started drinking it at the YWAM base for pure survival purposes. When I came back home, coffee suddenly signified the comfort of home, plus it tasted about 20 times better than the cafeteria stuff I was used to.

My house. Not many people buy the house they grew up in, but I did. My Dad and Mom not only sold us their place, but graciously watched (and helped!) us remake their home into our home. I am thankful.

My first earrings. I don’t know what made my Dad do this, but while we were at the mall (and without checking with my mom), he let me get my ears pierced at the age of 5.

My love of theology. Theological minds beget theological minds I guess! It was from my Dad that I first learned the word ‘Calvinism’… And not unrelated, my enjoyment of debate is another thing I got from my Dad. This tendency toward debate seems to be wired into both of us. Family events have long been a time when SOMETHING theological is bound to come up. Luckily, things have tamed over the years, but it is still not uncommon to overhear a discussion about various theological topics ‘wherever two or more are gathered’ in my family.

My enjoyment of gardening. I hated it as a girl, but clearly my dad passed on some ‘farmer’ genes to me, because now I’ve tripled my garden size and want chickens.

My expectation that Sunday morning breakfast should be made by the man in the house. Because it’s just better that way.

My work ethic. Nobody works like my Dad… and things like that are caught, not taught. I think I caught it.

My love of Jesus. I’m pretty sure this is the thing my Dad most cared about passing on to each of his kids. Mission accomplished!

I love you, Dad! Happy Father’s day!