Birthing babies… possibly one of the most contentious issues in ‘The Mommy Wars’.
Hospital, birthing center, or home?
Midwife or doctor?
Pain medicine or none?
Induced or simply wait?
Save cord blood? water birth? What birth positions? Wait to cut the cord? Save the placenta? The questions can go on and on… and so do the opinions.

Personally, I’m not one to have very strong opinions… about birth. I mean, I have a TON of strong opinions, just not about the *right way* to give birth. If you are a natural birth-er, more power to you. If you embrace the medicine, well, I sure as heck understand that too.

I can be kinda crunchy granola… leading me to at least like the theory of a more natural birth. I’m also a little aggressive, making me want -in theory to push through the pain. But I also like safety and security… ALOT. So this led me to a hospital with a birthing center inside. We all know hospitals have their protocols, which, if you want to give birth there, you need to follow: They will only let you labor so long after your water breaks, no food, etc. All of this leads to the bottom line for me: For my own sanity, I have to have somewhat of a ‘go with the flow’ attitude if I’m going to give birth in a hospital.

So, long stories short: 2 babies, one induced, one not, both slow labors, eventual epidurals, pitocin, and both with the most wonderful ending- healthy babies in my arms immediately after delivery.


I think, because I didn’t have real distinct expectations about how labor and delivery would go, I didn’t have much to be disappointed about. (Side note: I was very happy to avoid a c-section, though I know they are necessary sometimes.) I guess low expectations can lead to greater contentment in these times? Perhaps that sounds bad… negligent even, if one feels that these things tend to have a really negative impact on the baby… I suppose I just don’t share that general conviction. Honestly, I’m just glad to give birth in an era where: 1- We actually have medical intervention and moms and babies don’t frequently die in the birthing process, and 2- that it’s not like my Grammy’s day where you go into delivery alone and they just put you under.

After all that, I do have to say- There is part of me that still wants to try and do it without the epidural this time. It’s the same aggressive part of me that wants to do a boot camp or take up boxing or have a, umm, discussion, with someone like Mark Driscoll. It’s also the same part of me that goes into hiding when the pain gets real bad. I will keep my hopes and expectations about labor and delivery vague and focus on the end result that matters most- a healthy baby.

So does anyone else identify with my inconsistent and varied thoughts on birthing?