I was about 22 years old and had just received my nutrition degree, but really wasn’t seeing opportunity to use it career-wise. So, broke as I was and needing more work, I thought I would look for a nannying job. ‘Those jobs are decent money’, I thought, and I knew how to take care of kids, so I figured it would surely work out!

Well, I interviewed with a couple of families and eventually landed a job. The mom needed someone to take care of her 3 year old boy while she worked on her direct sales business. Her company was in the health/nutrition field and part of the reason she liked me was because I had just gotten a related degree. However, it turns out that just because you have a common interest like health, it does not in fact mean you will jive well with their family. I could go on about the reasons I didn’t enjoy my job, and I’m sure she would have plenty of reasons it wasn’t working on her end. However, I ‘hung in there’ for several months. I don’t even know why other than I needed the money and it was easier to just stay.

Then one day, as I was getting ready to leave, she kindly let me know that she didn’t think I was a good fit and that they found someone else. It ended nicely enough, though I believe I shed a tear or 2 or 50- either in the car or while still at the house, I don’t quite recall. It was strange- I didn’t like the job, so why be sad and dejected? Because as much as I felt I didn’t fit with them, being told the feelings were mutual- that bit of rejection- still stung.

I was about 1/2 way home that day when the relief hit me. Serious relief. the choice had been made for me. I could – no, HAD TO- move on… Either to a better suited nanny job, or something else all together. My former boss had done what she needed for her situation, and as much as it stung, it freed me up and pushed me to do something better for my situation. Within a couple of weeks or so I got the idea to start a new business- one that was much more in line with what I actually studied in school.  One that definitely made me more money. One I enjoyed more. One that stretched me in a good way. And ironically, the new business was somewhat inspired by something that had happened at my failed nanny job. I literally wrote a thank you note to the lady that gave me the boot.

I guess the life lesson for me was that *sometimes* the stuff that sucks in life can turn out to be a gift in disguise.