God, help us just… stop.
Help us just stop a moment and listen.

Help us quiet our hearts,
Beckon us to come to Your feet, together.
Speak to us, together.
Earthly fathers might ask us to tell them what all the trouble is,
But perhaps You might do something better.
You might ask us to turn toward each other,
To look beyond the agitated faces and furrowed brows and harsh tones,
And see what is going on in each other’s hearts.

Perhaps, if you helped us, we would see the heartfelt concerns,
The aching spirits, and the genuine convictions
Of our brothers and sisters sitting across from us.
Could You help us see each other’s hearts?

Could you help us to remember that our war is never really with these people?
And could you show us your hands? Show us the place where your scars are.
Remind us of the unfathomably deep love you have for your people.
Perhaps if we felt a bit more aware of the immense value you placed on them,
Then maybe we could stop imagining they are faceless enemies,
And start remembering that they are brothers.

Could you quiet us? Could you remind us what’s important?
I won’t pretend that I know what you would say,
Because I think what you would say would likely surprise each of us.
I think Your words would hit each of our hearts like firey darts.
I think Your words would bring conviction to every soul,
They would humble us if we would receive them.

So would you quiet us?
Would you call us to Your side?
Could you help us- help ME- hush up and listen for a bit?