I’m rather in shock.
I did not see this coming.

I expected to deal with a defeated conservative Christian/GOP crowd for the next four years while I would be glad we dodged the Trump bullet.

But we didn’t dodge the bullet, we accepted it. It’s not the GOP who is defeated this morning. It’s those like me on the left, walloped by the frustrated traditional/rural/conservative christian voters who turned out in droves to ‘take America back’.

I’m grieved and angered at an Evangelical Church that voted for him 4 times out of 5. I believe our priorities are off in a big way. I believe we are deceived by the promise of power and privilege. Some are upset that I would say this. Whelp, that’s my assessment. You can disagree. Even better, prove me wrong by standing up for our vulnerable neighbors these next four years. Prove me wrong by sharing your power and voice with those who find themselves marginalized. Really, I will happily eat crow pie every day for four years if it can mean I’m wrong about where this is going.

For my end, I’m contemplating where I go from here, and this is what I’ve got so far:

1. I’m going to accept the results of this election. I’m going to refer to President Elect Trump in those terms, just like I insisted on calling President Obama in proper terms when I was unhappy with him. I’ll honor the humanity and image of God in Trump and His supporters. I will not mock or deride PEOPLE. I will not hold my Christian brothers and sisters who enabled and supported Trump in contempt.

2. I’m going to call out unjust actions and attitudes in society and ESPECIALLY the church. This is not at odds with #1. If I am a pain the church’s ass, it is not gratuitously, but because I think we were wrong to back this man and I want better for us. I want us to live into our calling as God’s people.

3. I will not abandon the church. I see people talking of hanging up their hats, giving up on the church. I won’t. This is not an option. The followers of Jesus are the light of the world, we have the hope of God in us. This is my family even if I think we have failed in this realm of politics. I love them and I won’t go anywhere.

4. I’ll pray. I’ll pray for President Trump and our government. I’ll pray for us. I’ll pray for me. This is my rule for myself: If I’m praying  for others to change or ‘get it’, I must pray the same for myself. If I pray for others to see their blind spots, I must pray for myself. I’ll be doing a lot of praying. I’ll pray God gives our leaders wisdom. I’ll pray God helps us all see clearly. I’ll pray God helps my negative emotions only come from a place of genuine care. I’ll pray I can learn from my conservative friends. I’ll pray we the church can figure out a good way to be peacemakers.

5. I will DO justice. I will support my Muslim, LGBT, immigrant, and black friends. I will resist favoritism shown to the Evangelical community or the white community. I don’t know what that looks like yet, but I commit to justice. I commit to justice even if it puts me at odds with some other Christians. I’ll do justice in a thousand little ways in my community and everyday life. I will do justice in the big ways that are open to me.

6. I’ll hope. I’ll hope for President Trump to be a better President than I think he will be, but far more important, I’ll keep hope in the belief that in the end love wins the day. Not just in our country, I look and work toward that day when the peace and justice of God envelopes the whole world. Divisions will cease. Our hearts will fully reflect the perfect goodness of God. Our creation will be renewed. Our relationships healed. Our bodies made new.

I finally fell asleep last night to the beautiful thoughts about how it’s all going to be ok. REALLY. I will work toward that wholeness and justice now… but where I fail, I know the best is still coming. Love will win the day. May my heart reflect that love wins.